The Dawghouse

Welcoming the Browns Blues

November 15, 2010

I’ve got the blues today… Monday morning Browns loss blues. I hate to see my team lose, especially yesterday’s game versus the Jets, when three upset wins in a row were within reach and would’ve been as sweet as a child’s laughter or a Bobby Mitchell swivel hip fake.

Sure I’ve felt like this before. Back in the days of the Drive and the Fumble, it would take me until Wednesday or Thursday to bounce back enough to face the world where I live side by side but not heart to heart with 49er fans who in those glory days were too engorged with gluttonous glee to be humble about their team’s embarrassment of riches.

When I first moved to the Bay Area, the Niners sucked. I could go to Candlestick on Sunday afternoon and buy a ticket for any seat location in the park. But then Bill Walsh and Joe Montana and The Catch brought everyone out of the woodwork and into the malls to buy dusty Niners’ apparel, and suddenly the landscape shifted to one of 49er mania.

It was tough for us Browns fans back then. Bernie and the boyz were pounding at the door, the hinges were creaking, some screws popped out, but football’s fickle fate intervened and denied them entrance into the big dance. So, like all Bay Area Browns Backers, I had to dig down deep, triangulate some rationale for solace and hope for the future, and wince and daydream as the Niners won and won and won. I was blue from Sunday to Thursday in those days.

Funny thing is, I’ve not experienced the blues like that until today. In other words, since “the man whose name shall not be mentioned” ripped the team from Cleveland, and throughout all the expansion madness and up to the present, I’ve not suffered these Browns loss blues. I’ve been excited then dejected, upset, bewildered, really angry and disgusted, but not blue.

And the reason I feel so bad today is the same reason I have hope. It’s because this Browns team is finally showing signs of becoming winners. They’ve busted out of the box, and are competing to win football games, attacking and doing whatever it takes, emotionally enthralling their teammates and sending fans back into a state of justified yet almost forgotten fanaticism.